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3 Compartment Disposable PLA Foam Food Container

Environmentally friendly snack boxes meet the composting requirements of the United States and Europe, can reduce damage to the earth, and are both environmentally friendly and convenient.

Biodegradable PLA foam Takeaway Lunch box

The Lunch box is made of Cornstarch, which is a biodegradable resource and fully compostable.

Cornstarch Biodegradable Takeaway Box Food Containers

  • Perfect for takeaway hot and cold foods, water and grease resistant.
  • The lunch box is made of plant starch, which is a pure natural material and safer for the environment.

Disposable biodegradable Rectangle PLA Foam Food Plate

If your business  get around using plastic in some instances, you can still go the environment -protecting route by purchasing and using biodegradable   food packaging containers that is from 100% cornstarch . No matter what type of packaging you need, you can find it in an environment -protecting.

Non Slip Pads for Furniture, Anti-Slip Rubber Pad

  • Reusable
  • Water washable

Eco-friendly TPR Gel Shockproof Non-slip Pad

Can be cut into any shape.